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Monday, 05 May 2008

Gaza Citizen Journalist Video Productions


Aswatona’s Citizen Journalism component is working with 40 new journalists in the West Bank and Gaza to build their skills in print, radio, television and electronic media in the hopes that through their reporting, voices from the most vulnerable areas will be heard.


At the end of February, fifteen Citizen Journalists from Gaza created three teams.  Over three days, they rotated the various tasks of production; camera, sound, producing, and directing.  Working together to edit the final cut, the training program concluded with the following productions:





The Second–Hand Store was produced by Islam Al Burbar, Hassan Abu Safar, Lana Hejazi and Musheera Elhaj. This piece centers on the new market niche of second-hand clothing in Gaza. Given the grave economic situation, more and more Gazans are depending on this option to meet their needs and clothe their children.



Mural for Gaza was produced by Wajdi Abu Sinjer, Wael Ewida, Mohammed Abu Shahma, Rasha Al-Ziriei and Amer Alomoor. This story focuses on a wall mural painted by the internationally known artist Kathleen Kristianson, who was in Gaza and wanted to express her solidarity with the Palestinians.

Gaza’s Gifted Children was produced by Yehia Al-Banna, Suad Skik, Niserrn Al-Razani, Sali Al-Sakani, Basil Khalaf and Samar Abu Rukba. This story is about a new center is Gaza which caters to gifted children, and employs the “smart technique” which allows children to carry out complicated calculations without the use of paper or pens.


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